......be transformed by the renewing of your mind. Romans 12:2
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 Welcome Visitors, Friends & Warriors / RULES - Must Read!

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PostSubject: Welcome Visitors, Friends & Warriors / RULES - Must Read!   Sat Jul 05, 2014 5:35 pm


Welcome to The Courtyard Lounge  

The Courtyard Lounge is a place to visit and share what ever is on your heart, it is a open topic forum. The Courtyard Lounge is also a place to learn what RTW are all about. Please make yourself at home, read or post a comment as often as you like. There is never a obligation to become a member to visit in the Courtyard Lounge, though as a friend or visitor you will be expected to adhere to the first six rules of the RTW fellowship. Enjoy your visit and keep coming back!  


Round Table Warrior Rules;

1. Remain respectful and supportive of the purpose of Round Table Warriors.

Round Table Warriors is a fellowship of those United In Christ and taking up the Sword of the Spirit.

We are Christians joined together in the practice of renewing our minds (Rom. 12:2) in the Word of God (Eph. 6:17 & Heb. 4:12) and sharing our transformation in everyday battles through the power of God and His Word.

2. Remain respectful and supportive of your fellow Warriors at all times.

Our goal is to be a supportive fellowship. Please respect the rights of fellow Warriors to hold beliefs and perspectives, which differ from our own.  Advice giving needs to be helpful, supportive and with every effort not to offend any in our fellowship. When we have disagreements, we may share our perspective. However, we are not free to attack, degrade, insult, or otherwise belittle them or the quality of our fellowship.

3. Do not post "offensive" posts, links or images.

4. Do not post copyright-infringing material.

5. No Spam / Advertising / Self-promote in forum posts.

A link in your signature is allowed at this time.

6. Recognize As Admin (Administrator/Owner of RTW forum) it is my responsibility and my vision. 

Membership is a privilege, and I reserve the right to cancel member privileges without prior warning at my sole discretion. I reserve the right to delete, move or close any thread or post as I see necessary, without prior warning. I also reserve the right to change these rules at any point in our efforts to keep the forum clean, user-friendly, safe and focused on RTW purpose.

7. To Join the Round Table you must register to become a member and thereby you are agreeing to the 7 rules of RTW.

On becoming a member of the Round Table you are making a choice to take up the Sword. You are required to start a Journal and share your battles as we all are. The purpose of these journals is to encourage and strengthen one another, to learn and grow spiritually and to bring glory to God. You may speak as open or as vague with the details of your battles (victory's, losses, the process and your transformations) as you feel comfortable with. The purpose is not so much to know who you are, but to show who God is. There are no requirements on how much or how little, or how often you share in your journals. We just ask that if you join, it is because you have chosen to take up the Sword of the Spirit with us, and you desire the fellowship and support of Round Table Warriors.

We suggest using a AKA (also known as) in keeping your real identity anonymous. Though this is your Journal and you are welcome to share whatever your comfortable with. Such as family pics, your daily exercise an diet, your day at work, your favorite joke, anything you desire in your Journal along as your also contributing spiritually when you can. We try to support our members by replying to each others posts in their Journals, sharing words of encouragement, etc. Please recognize that we are all at different levels of maturity and experience in our spiritual journey. I as Admin, have a lot to learn myself and am not claiming leadership (more knowledge or maturity) at the Round Table. We are all equals in that we are all growing and have different battles (from doubt, pride, anger, fear, selfishness, struggles with kids, work, spouses and so forth to addictions of all kinds, etc.) we face each day. It is my prayer that our choice to become a Warrior will not only include taking up the Sword, but also include taking on the responsibility to encourage and strengthen each other where ever we are in our spiritual journeys.

If you have made the decision to be one of us,

       Welcome to The Round Table

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Welcome Visitors, Friends & Warriors / RULES - Must Read!
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